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Who We Are

Friends of the Deaf Foundation (FDF) is an NGO set up by Funmi Ogunro (Nee Shenkoya) in loving memory of her late sister, Olushola Abidemi Shenkoya (Shollyz), a final year student at the University of Ilorin.

The communication gap between the hearing and the Deaf is so wide and it needed to be bridged thus FDF was birthed.
With sign language……, we are equal.

Our Mission

To teach sign language, educate deaf children, create opportunities for empowerment and Inclusiveness for persons with disabilities through training. advocacy, employability skills Inclusive mental health and capacity development.

Our Vision

Connecting the world with Sign language and promoting inclusion of person with disatilities

Our Core Values

Equal Rights

We believe that Deaf children and persons with dsabilities have equal rights as others in the society.


We earnestly promote and impart general knowledge of sign language with key stakeholders to bridge the gap between Deaf children and their world, whilst developing the capacity and Employability of persons with disabilities through training and skills acquisition.


We promote cognitive, emotional and compassionate understanding of the feeings of Deaf chldren and other persons with disability with their world.


We actively collaborate with key stakeholders in the government, NGOs, family, and other social services Sector of the economy to create awareness and advocacy for Deaf children and person with a disability

Our Team Members

Funmi Ogunro

Funmi Ogunro

Funmi Ogunro. FDF Founder, Phonics Teacher, and Event planner. She founded Friends of the Deaf International Foundation (FDF) after the demise of her late Deaf younger sister, Olushola Shenkoya who died as a result of a communication breach at the hospital.

Sosanya Oluwadaisi Oluwaseun

Sosanya Oluwadaisi Oluwaseun

SOSANYA O. OLUWASEUN.  FDF Volunteer & Online tutor  Sosanya Oluwadaisi Oluwaseun (Odasy Seun) is a Communication expert, Deaf rights Advocate, Sign language Interpreter, and Tutor. He’s a freelance broadcast journalist and into PR.

Olaoluwa Bayonle Emmanuel

Olaoluwa Bayonle Emmanuel

Olaoluwa Bayonle Emmanuel  FDF Coordinator, Is an Inclusion Advocate, a Prolific Sign Language Interpreter, and Special Educator whose advocacy work has gained recognition far and wide in Nigeria. He is an alumnus of the University of Ilorin with over 4 years of working experience.

Iye Michael Akin

Iye Michael Akin

Iye Michael Akin Mowe Volunteer Mathematics/Physics teacher Lover of the PLWDs. A goal-getter and lover of God and happily married to Funmilayo.

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