Our advocacy is not enough to effect the desired changes we want in our society but you can do more. Giving your services to promote the educational needs of children with special needs is a powerful way to create positive change in their lives. Investing in their education, can help unlock their full potential and provide them with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed.

We can do more with our financial contributions to support the development of specialized educational programs, the purchase of adaptive technologies, and the training of educators who specialize in teaching children with special needs.

Additionally, donation can fund scholarships and grants, allowing children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to access quality education and necessary resources

Furthermore, giving can support the establishment of our inclusive learning environments at fdf academy, ensuring that these children are included and supported alongside their peers in the society.

Through our generosity, we can empower children with special needs to overcome barriers, develop their skills, and achieve academic success. By investing in their education, we are not only transforming individual lives but also creating a more inclusive and equitable society that values and supports the diverse needs of all children. You can donate or send your donation to

Zenith Bank; 1016907109 , Friends of the deaf Int’l Foundation¬†