Sarafa Saheed is a student at the Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo who was diagnosed with Perforated Typhoid.

A few days ago, some members of FDF teamed up with stakeholders to save the young Deaf guy. They reached out to the Executive Director, Mrs. Funmi who came together with her team to help move the guy out of the hospital where he was admitted. The doctor claimed it’s typhoid that the guy is suffering from.

The patient, according to Mrs. Funmi, is a friendly member of the FDF WhatsApp group.

Read below as Mrs. Funmi narrates what happened after she heard about the guy: I was meant to see the guy immediately but due to distance, Tolani volunteered to help see the health condition of Sarafa Saheed Ne’ron, but I was alarmed after the video call with him, seeing as all his ribs were out and were deteriorating, but his mum kept saying he is getting better and father was not showing up.

We had to step in as FDF to help save the life of our Deaf friend. In haste, I rushed down to Oyo and encouraged our members there to join me so we can take the guy to a government hospital for better treatment.

We formed a “Rescue Team” who went ahead of me to Ayoola Hospital, Ilora, Atiba local government Oyo State, while I was still on my way. Even at my arrival, the Doctor was not around yet, but we waited for him for a referral letter.

When the Doctor eventually came in, he explained that Saheed’s condition was very worse when he was brought two weeks ago. He was diagnosed with perforated typhoid with multiple complications that led to the perforations in the intestines which were littered with faeces before being operated on.

He would have referred him, but having been familiar with Saheed’s situation, as he had operated on him about 20yrs ago when he was suffering from perforated typhoid as a child.

He also explained that he was brought in after wasting time and spending too much time with a quack before they finally brought him to his hospital (the mother confirmed it to be true).

Though after the first surgery, it was discovered that faeces was still coming out from the openings which were said from other leaked parts of the intestines, so, Doctor had to re-open and saw there was no need to re-stitch as the condition was better left to heal at his hospital.
He advised we leave him to heal under his watch.

Sarafa attested that he’s now feeling better compared to the days before.
Presently he’s on daily medications of very expensive antibiotics.

So far, with the donations received, we transferred ₦50,000 yesterday Sunday 28th March 2021 to support the ongoing treatment, and hoping we get more donations to support him.

However today, 29th March 2019 we went back to get the financial reports from the hospital to submit to the school authorities, FCE (special) OYO on his behalf, and for further supports from the school’s NHIS.

Many thanks to our Oloye Amuludun, Dr.Tola who made several calls to the school authorities, right there at the hospital yesterday on Saheed’s behalf.

Many thanks to Ifeiyanu Oluwadare, Deborah Ayokunnu Akintayo, Oyatoki Omolola Lizzy, Mhiz Daniel, Eunice, Falade Micheal, Fajinmi Tinuke Fajimi, Tolani, and all their friends outside FDF that was brought along during trying time to storm Ayoola Hospital despite the ongoing exam.
You all are awesome indeed. I am very grateful.
God bless everyone who has contributed financially to support our friend. You have lent to the Lord, Funmi concluded.