Mrs. Temitope Amodu is the current Head of speech pathology
and special education department in Federal Neuro-psychiatric Hospital Yaba (Oshodi Annex) Lagos, with more than 17 years,
experience of working with children,Adolescent, and Adults with difficulties in communication and learning disabilities. She is a certified speech and language therapist / pathologist, as well as a special educationist.

She holds M.Ed (SC) in Speech pathology from university of Calabar and also M.Ed (SC) in Speech pathology and Audiology from university of Ibadan. She also obtained a B.Ed. in Guidance and Counselling from Lagos state university Ojo, with National Certificate in Special Education ( NCE )on children with Hearing Impairment from Federal College of Education Special Oyo. Read more

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Mrs. Temitope AMODU